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How To Create A Website With Free Domain & Hosting (Step By Step Guide)

Though most of the people in today’s digital world think that website building is quite a difficult & costly thing to do.


In Fact, if we look into the matter we find some very professional platforms which can be used to build a free website with all the free resources.

List of platforms to build a free website:


  1. Blogger.com
  2. Tumblr.com
  3.  Wix.com

These are some free resources platforms that might help you to create a new website as a beginner.


What we are going to cover in this article is how to create a professional website on blogger.com step by step.

How To Create A Website Using Blogger ( Step By Step Guide )

Go to blogger.com. Click on “Create your Blog”

how to create a blog

Sign in to your gmail account

signin blogger

After signing in, Type your Blog Name or Website Name

Type your website address & Click Next.

Note: Choose an easy, keyword oriented website address so that your website can be easily accessible to your relevant audience

Write Display Name Again same as you your website name

Click Finish. Now you are on backend of your website

Have a look on font end of your website, by clicking “View Blog” On left bottom of the side bar

blogger website frontend

Isn’t quite amazing that you have your own website, but so far it looks quite classical & basic.

To make it look professional website, install blogger theme to give a website professional look.

How to Install a Blogger Theme

To install a blogger theme, get a free blogger website theme Click Here

Choose your theme & Click Download. Now you have downloaded a zip file of your theme. To upload the theme follow simple steps & make your website a professional look.

Step I:

Open your  theme Zip file. Select XML file of your theme & Click Extract & save 

extract xml file of blogger theme

Step II:

After extracting your file. Go to blogger dashboard.

Click on “Theme” on left side bar of blogger.

Click “Restore”

Step III:

Now “Upload” you XML file that you have extracted before.

Step IV:

Upload the file & you’re done. Successfully installed a theme, Now have a look on your website


select xml file

Now you have your own modern & professional website with all the resources. Have a look! 

Now simply customize your website, by adding your website logo, menu, & content. How?

Go to “Layout” & simply play with all the customization options create your own website.


This is how you can create your own professional website with plenty of customization options with all the free resources.

Benefits of Blogger Website

  • Free Domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Free SSL to protect your website security
  • Free resources
  • Free Customizations
  • Earn Money Online by AdSense
  • Earn Money Online by Affiliate Marketing

Hope you have learn how to create a website. Comment down your suggestions for next topic as well.

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