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Getresponse Vs ActiveCampaign Comparison Review Guide 2022

Though most people think that Email marketing is a very old or classical way to market your business online.


In 2022 alone, 333.2 billion emails are expected to be sent and received each day. In Fact it is the widest network that can be used to get maximum customer reach.


So, Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to drive sales and encourage your clients & businesses to increase your market share, which makes it essential to use for all small businesses. 


While different email marketing tools can have differing features, they all have one thing in common – the desire to help small businesses grow and thrive. However, not all email marketing tools are made equally – some offer more features than others, with varying levels of ease of use and customization options. 


In this article, we’ll take a look at two popular email marketing tools – GetResponse and ActiveCampaign – and compare them in an effort that helps you decide which tool is right for your business!

This table provide you an insights of features & integrations model that these email marketing offers, If you want to get a quick review of key features we have get it covered below:

1. Summary Comparison of Email Marketing Features

This table provide you an insights of features & integrations model that these email marketing offers, If you want to get a quick review of key features we have get it covered below:

Email Marketing
Email Creator
Email Templates
Signup Forms
Conversion Funnels
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Social Media Ads Creator
Web Push Notifications
Live Chat
24/7 Support Access
Phone Support

2. Deliverability is a big hassle, Which one has a good deliverability rate?

No one wants to spend hours managing campaigns only to find yourself in their subscribers’ promotions inbox – or, heaven forbid, their spam/junk folder.

We often have seen people running tests and trying to quantify deliverability results with some random percentage rate. We all know that these numbers don’t say much about the Email Marketing Services in question. Conversely, low deliverability rates actually indicates that there’s something fishy on the user’s end. 

Email marketing platforms are designed to send your emails to your recipient’s primary inboxes – the remainder is on you. So, rather than trusting arbitrary figures, follow the best IPs practices to ensure the quality which would maximize your deliverability rate.

DKIM Authentication lets you prevent from spamming keeps the relevant email land on primary inbox

The first thing you would like to test for is DKIM authentication. It helps email service providers verify that the emails you send are literally sent from you. Both ActiveCampaign and GetResponse have DKIM authentication, and activating this feature will definitely increase your chances of your emails getting through.

You then must check each service’s anti-spam policy – the stricter the principles, the higher for honorable marketers such as you. Sending spam will always lead to account termination, but it’s even better when platforms use safeguards that make it hard for spam to be sent within the first place.

Unlike GetResponse, ActiveCampaign didn’t pass the filter test, as it is used to be allowed to import several spam emails without issues. This might sound sort of a small thing, and I’m sure ActiveCampaign blocks suspicious emails before harm is finished. However, GetResponse’s intolerance for spammy practices and efforts to take care of its (and consequently its users’) reputation mean that it wins out here. 

The most reliable approach to get emails delivered and significantly increase your deliverability rate is by employing a dedicated IP address. Both ActiveCampaign and GetResponse offer dedicated IP

Pricing: Save 18% with an annual plan

3. What About Landing Page Builder?

getresponse landing page builder, getresponse vs activecampaign

Like the email drag-and-drop tool, GetResponse landing page builder is all about simple use. you’ll create landing pages that are mobile-responsive and professional with none coding experience.

And if you would like to feature code? Using the editor, you’ll be able to add custom code using HTML, CSS, or Javascript. If you wish to feature or embed any external elements, all you would like to try to do could be a quick cut and paste.

And to form the page pop, the tool features a built-in image editor that enables you to add your own images. you’ll also import photos straight from Shutterstock or maybe add engaging GIFs from Giphy to your landing page.

Once you’re pleased with how the landing page looks, you’ll launch it immediately and begin collecting leads that’ll be filtered straight into your email lists.

With the landing page creator, you can:

  • Organize Your Landing Pages Using Sections

  • Add Content Sections To Add Images, Video, Text, And Cta Buttons

  • Add Static And Pop-Up Forms

  • Add Webinar Registration Forms

  • Add A Way Of Urgency With Countdown Timers

  • Collect Payments Because Of PayPal Integration

  • Add Social Sharing Icons

  • Add Custom-Elements Using HTML, CSS, Or Javascript

  • Preview Your Landing Page To Determine What It’s Like On A Desktop Or A Mobile Device


ActiveCampaign also recently launched an inbuilt landing page builder. 

Like GetResponse, it’s also a drag-and-drop designer tool that was created with easy use in mind. you’ll be able to build professional looking landing pages in a couple of clicks:

There is also a library of customizable templates you’ll make a choice from, and you’ll be able to switch out parts of the template to feature in your own images, videos, and calls to action.

activecampaign landing page builder, getresponse vs activecampaign
ActiveCampaign-landing-page builder

4. Conversion Funnel Makes it More Precise to Targeting Audience

get response conversion funnel, email marketing tool, get response, get response featured image,
GetResponse Conversion Funnel Feature

Conversion funnel is the most important feature when it comes to converting a customer to potential sales. GetResponse introduced this feature from their basic plan to higher as well. While activecampaign does not offer conversion funnels at this time, that stands a clear win to GetResponse.

Not only are you able to see how successful each step of your conversion path is, but you’ll also track how profitable your efforts are. you’ll see what percentage leads enter your funnel, and ultimately, what number become paying customers.

Best of all? All the tools needed to create your conversion funnel are already a part of GetResponse

See the power of lead magnet funnel

5. Which one has a webinar feature?

get response in built webinar feature
GetResponse Inbuilt Webinar Feature

You can set up & launch an engaging webinar right from the GetResponse dashboard.

The webinar software’s functionality permits you to create webinars that have a custom webinar URL, sign-up forms, and inbuilt polls and surveys:

GetResponse Webinars software.

Because the webinars link back to GetResponse, every lead you collect is automatically added to your email lists and nurtured. If you create a webinar within the GetResponse Dashboard, you’ll have access to key features like:

  • Design tools and interactive whiteboard

  • Screen sharing/interactive chat room

  • Recording (so you’ll be able to remarket the webinar once it’s over)

  • Q&A session

  • Moderated chat

  • Multiple hosts

However, what makes GetResponse’s webinar tool stand out is that it’s a prebuilt promotion machine you’ll be able to use to sell stuff from inside your webinars. The machine has features like:

  • Pre Designed registration pages

  • Advanced subscription settings

  • Payment gateways


ActiveCampaign doesn’t have its own webinar tool. But you’ll integrate with tools like GoToWebinar, StealthSeminar, and WebinarNinja to host webinars straight from the software


6. Any provisions for Facebook or Google Ads?

Get response offers a suite of tools that is crafted specifically to let small businesses & startups kickstart their marketing campaign successfully with all in one marketing tools for Facebook & Google Ads 

While activecampaign does not feature such marketing tool support but you can still sync your Facebook Ads account & manage contacts from Facebook Custom Audiences

In this feature GetResponse pushes the bar to the top that got you covered in the marketing suite as well.

Ultimate Lead Gen

7. Segmentation is the core element, which tool is quick & easy?

Looking into the segmentation feature which is the core of email marketing funnel strategy that allows you to ascertain the potential audience that converts the most engaged audience into paying customers.

GetResponse leads generation tool takes an edge in a way that once a lead is added to your contact list, you can then assign tags to them based on their behavior, and send out targeted emails to specific groups. 

What sets GetResponse stands out is that it automatically picks out the most engaged contacts out of your list so you can target them that potentiate your campaign. What GetResponse calls this an Engagement Score

While ActiveCampaign also let you access comprehensive segmentation tool that allows you the insight of audience as well engagement analysis to segregate the audience based on their behavior that puts far better user interface to access & target the most potential audience 


In comparison, the segmentation tool puts a draw between Get Response & ActiveCampaign. As far as user interface is concerned ActiveCampaign takes the win, while considering the automation features of GetResponse that allows the potential segmentation in place automatically puts the weight behind GetResponse.

8. Which one offers the best customizable email marketing templates?

What interestingly makes the thing more easy i.e. customizable templates for different niches.

GetResponse has over 100+ simple, easy & responsive email marketing templates that are easily customizable like drag & drop feature to design an attractive template for your audience

get response templates
GetResponse Email Templates


Activecampaign has over 125+ email marketing templates that are freely customizable ready to use templates that are B2B & B2C oriented as well as responsive to all devices

active campaign email-templates
ActiveCampaign Email Templates

9. Which one offers Email Marketing automation?

One of the Best feature that email marketing should have to keep engage or remind the audience to perform certain actions that might be an incomplete action or urge to purchase limited time offer automation 

With the workflow, you can also add a “trigger” into the workflow for events like: 

  • New Subscribers

  • Abandoned Carts

  • Product Purchases

  • Product Upgrades

  • Limited Time Offer/ Bundle Offer/ Discounts Or Event Sales Offer

  • URLs Visited (i.e. Pricing Pages)

GetResponse & ActiveCampaign both offer robust automation marketing tools that let you run both communication sequences. Both Email Marketing Services have ready made automation templates that you don’t have to worry about writing & designing hassle, that will help you set up automation campaigns in an easy & simple way.  

10. Autoresponder features another email marketing automation?

As auto-responsder feature is essential to engage the audience in a drip campaign to get a lead or even a conversion by dealing a prospect with personalization & nurture the lead in an intuitive manner. 

GetResponse & ActiveCampaign Both platforms let you create email drip campaigns using Autoresponders.

ActiveCampaign’s feature also lets you add SMS to the equation, which might be useful if you’re running an ecommerce business that clearly put the weight behind ActiveCampaign.

11. What about pricing?

ActiveCampaign Pricing:

ActiveCampaign has five different plans i.e Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. ActiveCampaign does not have a free package, but they offer a 14 day free-trial with up to 100 contacts and up to 100 email sends. The features available within the trial match of their Professional tier features.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse has 4 different plans which includes their Free Account feature that is limited to 500 contacts but allows you to send unlimited newsletters, landing page, website builder with custom domains & signup forms under some limitations.

getresponse pricing, getresponse vs activecampaign
GetResponse Pricing

g2 Reviews


8976 reviews


745 reviews


So, ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse Comparison… which one is better?

If we conclude the discussion to the verdict that these tools are providing the best competitive features of what they deliver the best. What matters to a user is what they are looking for and that the tool you pick ticks all the boxes on your list before you invest!

If you are looking for a tool that goes beyond, providing you a one-stop solution with automation for all of your needs then you can put your weight behind GetResponse.


& If you want a tool that lets you automate your email marketing campaign with a set of best in class tools & integrations models to engage your audience. Get started with ActiveCampaign


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