I share my Personal Lifestyle, Experiences & Makeup for the youth who may like to adopt these tips. Growing up on a small scale, I think growing up in my family in a house full of misfits who had access to only human skin I learned to be skeptical when making hair decisions. While I spent the bulk of my life obsessed with dreadlocks, I struggled to find the right color to bleach my hair. I had seen what the sun did to my hair when I went to the beach and to different types of bleach, but I didn’t know exactly how it should be. Eventually I came across a famous influencer I really liked who talked about hair on her Instagram and I decided to try it myself.

The first look of mine was horrible, how would I dress it up? The next one went well and caused me to proceed with tons of bleach. No matter how big or small my role, every new look helped me master the self esteem and confidence boost so I knew I found my style that worked.

Self esteem and confidence are my greatest concerns when getting to bleach my hair, I have a young daughter that wants me to change her hair color for her sake. Instead of dying my hair and getting so close to being a part of a social media sensation and book deal, I decided to look at short styles and gothic looks. It is my mindset that if people are coming forward to grow their hair out, why won’t the ugly duckling whom in her head wants a new and better life that is less of an update, grow their hair out so she looks different when others will discover her? Why wait or wake somebody else up?

Short styles make you long and one is not better than the other, believe me. You can gain more confidence by gaining confidence as in as self esteem and confidence. Fashion is about trends and trends are only for the leaders or the fashion forward. What you wear says a lot about you and your confidence. If you have gained confidence to dye your hair in a short style while you did not, then how will you feel when people tell you your hair is ugly? 

The second trend, Gothic is the actual trend in our culture at the moment. Goth wear a lot of black and leave makeup on. Goth sounds masculine in a little way but in reality it is a fetish. You are asking a lot when you get into a new Gothic trend, it can take a while to understand the person that wears a goth look, I still wore school short skirts, but eventually the music and the trends became too much for me. When getting changed into something new, a lot of time is wasted. Many people got this wrong and would spend a lot of time “putting” too much makeup on, this may be for an instant or a few days, but over time it leads to unwanted drama and desire to use the makeup or the opposite. The next thing you get is the real you. You use the makeup you want, not what you are told to use. An only way to get from the behind your back and down into your stomach is to wear your hair naturally. You have to go for your own style and not follow popular trends.

Self esteem, confidence and your worst nightmare, death! What would I have done to you if I did it like that? Right. I am not a dentist, I don’t have cutting tools, I don’t get things done by facials, no white boy is getting all up into me. The way I have observed putting my hair on, I had to try different styles. Now it is about confidence and knowing what you want. If you know what you are going to wear at night, that is helpful. Obviously it is important to look your best, always, what would you say if someone came into your makeup room and you looked great, but you put on your makeup? All you said was NO! So don’t put it on, but once you have the creativity to go for makeup, it is a beautiful and helping process.

My advice and advice to those wanting to choose short styles. Start off somewhere that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you have nothing to lose and nothing to gain? Go for it. Just as I always say, Let the people know what you like but don’t compete. Keep an open mind.

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