Are You Familiar With The Symptoms Of Dengue Fever?


Dengue fever is the quickest spreading mosquito-borne illness worldwide and is the aftereffect of four kinds of dengue infections.

Dengue cases are likewise on the ascent in different urban areas in Pakistan.

An expected 400 million individuals overall are tainted with dengue every year, of which 96 million are sick.

Dengue fever is brought about by the chomp of Aedes, a sort of mosquito that is itself tainted with the dengue infection and communicates the infection to the blood after the nibble.

Be that as it may, the infection can’t spread straightforwardly from one individual to another.

Manifestations of dengue

Manifestations of dengue generally seem 4 to 6 days after ailment and regularly keep going for 10 days.

These side effects incorporate unexpected high fever, extreme migraine, torment behind the eyes, serious torment in joints and muscles, weariness, retching, queasiness, irritation of the skin(which happens 2 to 5 days after fever), and slight dying. Nose, gums or scratching effectively) are remarkable.

Indications are frequently gentle and are believed to be the consequence of influenza or other viral contamination.

In small kids and individuals who have not been tainted with dengue previously, the seriousness of the infection is milder than in more seasoned kids and grown-ups.

Be that as it may, each understanding can be in danger of significant issues, for example, dengue hemorrhagic fever, a complexity of high fever, harm to the lymph and veins, draining from the nose and gums, amplified liver and circulatory framework disappointment.

Genuine manifestations can extraordinarily expand draining and increment the danger of death.

Individuals with debilitated insusceptible frameworks or individuals who have had dengue briefly a time or more have a higher danger of getting dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Analysis and treatment of dengue

Specialists can determine dengue to have a blood test.

There is as of now no particular medication to treat dengue disease and on the off chance that you think you have dengue, you can utilize painkillers like paracetamol however keep away from anti-inflammatory medicine, as it can deteriorate dying.

Patients should rest, drink a lot of water and see a specialist, and if the condition deteriorates in the initial 24 hours after the fever dies down, they ought to go to the clinic right away.


In the event that no dengue immunization is accessible yet, use mosquito anti-agents to ensure yourself, regardless of whether outside the home or office or inside the dividers, wearing sleeveless shirts and stockings, and having AC in the home. Run it, try to keep mosquitoes from entering windows and entryways, use a mosquito net if not AC.

Also, to diminish the number of inhabitants in mosquitoes, go to lengths to forestall their reproducing, like old tires, jars and others don’t permit water to collect.

In the event that somebody in the home has dengue, be extremely mindful so as to ensure yourself and your family.

Contaminated individuals who get dengue from mosquito nibbles can spread the sickness to others in the home.

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