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5 Ways To Earn Money Online 100% Free


Are you seeking an easy way to earn money through social media platforms? If you have an idea to become a platform leader or a successful person you need to speak with experts who can provide clarity on the actual status of the online world and the latest trends. The way to earn money online is quite easy and straightforward.

There are countless topics and outlets that want to provide you an easy way to earn money online. While some platforms are better than others, how do you know which platform will give you the best results? Here is a brief look at some of the most popular platforms that will get you out of your comfort zone and kick start your career as a successful online social media platform entrepreneur.


How many times do you need to go to Facebook to earn money online? Everyone loves social media, and while platforms such as YouTube and even Instagram are decent at making money, Facebook actually makes more money for advertising than any other platform. It is also the most reliable platform for reaching out to your target audience.

Social media platforms should not just be used by the creative but also marketers and advertisers. You need to know how to design the right content that drives traffic to your website and to your followers. Make sure you combine your website with the right Facebook module.


Google+, popularly known as Google+, is very similar to Facebook, but with the slightest change in what you put up. Google+ users use the chrome extension to view pictures and videos. You can also search through a free Google+ search box where you can see your profiles so you can get instant feedback from your users.

While the social media platform is known for giving you free space to spread your brand on the internet, you can get paid by the company for adverts. To start earning money, you simply need to fill the Google+ square widget with the information about your company.


Reddit is a popular microblogging platform where users are able to voice their opinions and ask for advice. By creating a page, users can talk about brands that they believe can help solve their problems. Creating a landing page or website may be the most straightforward way to get started. There is a small additional fee that can be charged to other products that you are selling.


With over 200 million users around the world who generate $1.8 billion dollars in revenue, Twitter is definitely very popular. While the social media platform is full of visitors every day, not everyone needs to have Twitter that you can follow their favorite brands or hashtag campaigns. Creating a Twitter account and launching various campaigns is free of charge. You can even start your own tweet campaigns to get more visibility.


LinkedIn is currently the most popular social media platform, with up to 1 billion users that generate up to $3.7 billion dollars. It is the perfect platform for those who are seeking more than just followers. You can be paid to sign up for Instagram and Twitter and even YouTube. Just create a Facebook module and Instagram page so your followers can feel more comfortable on the platform.

While most online social platforms will begin with free services and programs, there are also advertisements that will target you and your website in an exclusive manner.


Starting an online social media platform is not a short process but a long one. The cheapest thing for a new marketer to create, most platforms offer free resources for a month and a half. Once you start to receive free resources you start to realize that it is also extremely challenging to stay in business and relevant on social media platforms.

Beginners still need to do everything themselves on the website and platform that they are going for, but this page provides you with all the tips and know-how necessary to get started.

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