Amazon Product Hunting – A Way To Know Market Trends


Amazon Product Hunting or Product Research is all about analyzing current market trends and choosing the “winning” products – that can generate high sales.

There are different Methods to search Products on Amazon

First of all, go to and change the shipping address from Pakistan to the USA.

Product Hunting Method# 1

In this method go to the Amazon search bar and start typing anything, any letter, any word and see what amazon wants to autocomplete it with. These results show you what people are usually searching, and if people are searching for it, they most likely want to buy it too.

Product Hunting Method# 2

In this method, we are using a website/Extension of different amazon product hunting tools such as jungle scout, Helium10, viral launch, Merchant words, etc.

In JS web go to Product Research tab then go to Opportunity Finder or in Helium10 go to Black Box then go to the Product or keyword tab where you can filter through the whole catalog of amazon by price status, reviews, or whatever you want. Different filters can be used to analyze the product search volume & public interests as well.

Product Hunting Method# 3

In this method go to amazon Best Seller and look through the best sellers Category. Then go to subcategory until you will land on a promising opportunity. Find an idea from there as well.

Product Hunting Method# 4

In this method goes to amazon clicks on any product on Amazon and goes through their reviews. Click on a reviewer’s name, and you can see every product they’ve ever reviewed. In this way, public interests & demands can be analyzed to ensure the best hunting of products.

Product Hunting Method# 5

In this method go to the Amazon search bar and type Minus String (-ve) with any random words in the amazon search bar e.g. -dtrbiwdb, these minimum 8 correctors then amazon shows the products. This method is also effective. After this, we can use sort/filter tabs to get more data.


Product Hunting Method# 6

In this method goes Amazon to find high reviews products then go to his/her store name and see all products. From there you can find fresh ideas to be considered.

Product Hunting Method# 7

In this method go to B2B website such as Ali Baba, Ali express, dhgate, EBAY, etc Sam’s club and Walmart for the USA also where you can see different products of suppliers in recent hot selling items, where you can find best products.

After Finding Good Product. Run tools such as Jungle Scout Ext, Helium10 Ext, Viral Launch, Merchant Word, etc., and match the product hunting criteria for the USA or The UK.

Arrange the sourcing of Products from B2B sites like Alibaba, Ali-Express & suppliers’ websites to get more Quotation for your products.

Enjoy Selling.

Have a good chunk of profit with you!



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