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5 Reasons Email Marketing Is Essential For Dropshipping

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Why Email Marketing Is Essential For Dropshipping Business


There may be numerous ways to market your business online, but there is only one race- Email Marketing when it comes to having a one-on-one conversation with your customers. For eCommerce businesses, it is recorded that one-third of their website traffic is repeat visitors.
Now, this is only possible when you do something to bring them back to your website after the first time. It is no different for Dropshipping businesses. Dropshipping email marketing becomes remarkably important to acquire and retain customers because most Dropshipping businesses begin with small budgets.

So, Why Do You Need Dropshipping For Email Marketing?


The first reason why email marketing is important is that; it allows you to target specific customer segments. When you start your Dropshipping business, you usually start small with lesser number of products. Hence, you need to be very specific about your target audience. For instance, suppose you find out of customers who included a particular product in their carts but left the site without making a purchase. Your next email marketing campaign could very well target these customers talking about a discount/offer on the products they chose. This will then entice these users to come back to your site and complete the purchase.
On the other hand, another email campaign can be triggered to show tips and tricks of using the product for those customers who did purchase the product.


Having the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t will always put you in a better position in terms of the success of your dropshipping marketing campaigns. With drop shipping emails, you get that insight accurately. Insights like Open Rate, Bounce Rate, Opt-Out Rate, Click Through Rates, etc. will always prove to be beneficial for you if you are trying to understand which areas you need to improve on.

Having access to different parameters will also help you organize or re-organize your dropshipping marketing campaigns. After all, comparing between your own dropshipping emails and trying to improve yourself is better instead of obsessing over your competition.


Sales are your topmost priority, irrespective of whether you are starting big or setting up your business with limited resources. In a dropshipping business, you need to focus on growing your business all the more because growing means being able to include more products in your catalog and targeting more customers. If implemented properly, your email marketing campaign can get you improved sales numbers. Email reminders can seem like a blessing to your customers if you design them the right way and schedule them at the proper time.

The amazing thing about dropshipping emails is they keep your store and its products alive in your customers’ minds. Overall, repeat sales and traffic via email campaigns are some of the critical reasons why email marketing is important for your dropshipping business.


Barring the one-time implementation and set-up costs, the ongoing maintenance cost is minimal when you compare it to the returns that email marketing fetches. You can practically reach a vast audience for a few pennies per message. MailChimp, for instance, allows you to send about 12,000 dropshipping emails a month free. Similarly, several companies have monthly subscription plans with high-volume sender plans, which are ideal for growing businesses like a dropshipping business.


Emails are everywhere and almost everyone has got his own email address. And now with online shopping being a craze and eCommerce businesses requiring emails to sign up to a particular site, every online shopper has got at least one email address with some having a handful of emails. Now emails are not only used for responding or communicating, but also for promotional purposes. Dropshipping stores ensure repeat purchases by displaying attractive products on their dropshipping email newsletters.
If the email content is good enough, then the engagement rates are high. This means that their shoppers click on the links present on the items and are linked back to the eCommerce website driving free traffic to the dropshipping store – hopefully, to start a new purchase process. This feature of emails serves as a reason why email marketing is important for dropshipping marketing.

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